5 Midterm Survival Tips


If you’re anything life me, exams can be one of the most stressful times of the school year. I somehow always leave studying to the last minute and then scramble to get my life in order. SO here I am to share my 5 tried-and-true tips on how to survive exam season.


Tip # 1 – Find your perfect study space

Whether you need the complete silence of a library or the bustle of a coffee shop, finding the right study space is key to acing your exams. If you are too comfortable then you’re likely to fall asleep (guilty) and if it’s too busy then you can’t focus (also guilty). For me, I prefer a coffee shop in the early afternoon when it’s not too busy and not dead silent either. So find your perfect space and get learning!


Tip # 2 – Love your supplies

I’m a sucker for all things cute and bright, so it’s no surprise that I have brightly coloured pens and a cat pencil case! Having the correct supplies for what your studying will keep you on track and looking forward to using them. Whether you enjoy sparkles, space, or animals there is definitely stationary out there for you to love.


Tip # 3 – Be comfortable

During exam season there is no need to get dressed up to study. But if that’s your thing, then go for it! People will understand as soon as you open your books that you mean business and have no time for their judgement. I recommend sweatpants or leggings as they allow to adjust your position with cutting off your circulation. Also dress in layers as sitting in one position without moving can make you a bit cold (hello sweater weather!).


Tip # 4 – Stay hydrated

Nothing’s worse than getting settled in for a long day of studying and then realizing you forgot your beverage. Drinking water is super important as it provides the energy for all brain functions, especially memory. You can even add frozen fruit for a fun twist and make drinking it more enjoyable. So want to pass your exams? Drink some water! And if you use a super cute tumbler or water bottle then it’s a bonus.


Tip # 5 – Find your playlist

For me, I need something playing in the background while I study. My tastes range from instrumental piano to hard-core punk anthems, so I don’t have a concrete playlist. But finding the right music to help you concentrate without relying on caffeine pick-me-ups throughout the night. Apps like Spotify and 8tracks are always promising for finding the right tunes for your study sesh.


Hopefully you’ll find at least one of these tips helpful or you can comment your own to help someone out. If any of these worked for you, please let me know as I’d love to hear your comments. And remember, you are worth more than a percentage.

Good Luck Curls Xx


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