Travel Diaries: Mexico 2017

Let me begin by saying that I love vacations. Whether it is an unofficial day off from school or a national holiday, any excuse to kick my feet up and relax is good for me. When it comes to international vacations it is a bit different, as I struggle with finding the right way to manage my time between exploring the city, and laying by the ocean. Join me as I take you through my most recent week long adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

 Day 1: Arrival

My day started with a 3 am wake up call to begin my journey to the airport. Fast forward to 2 pm and I have finally arrived in Mexico 2 plane rides later. I’m greeted with a free margarita which I gladly accept to combat the humid airport, and I make my way to find my dad and begin the fun.


We stop at a small café to eat, as I slept through both plane rides and was ravenous. Despite being in leggings and a long sleeve shirt, I manage not to pass out from heat exhaustion. A car ride later and we arrive at his house where I quickly don my romper so we can start our next adventure. We drive 20 minutes to Nuevo Vallarta and walk along the beach. The salty air feels good after being trapped in a cold winter wasteland for 3 months back home. We make it to a pier where we can sit and look out at the water, or rather I take selfies and my dad admires the view.


We then walk through the resorts and find a shopping centre, but most importantly: a Starbucks. I grab a coffee Frappuccino and we sit down, to catch up and use the free Wi-Fi. We also saw two tigers being held in small cement cages at the resort, for no apparent reason other than for tourists to gawk at as they walk by. Strike One, Mexico.


We then make our way back to the car and we journey to a small local restaurant that serves the best salsa that I have ever had. I take more photos, and we walk around to help dinner digest.


We then head back home to rest and prepare our plans for the next day. Overall, it was an amazing first day.



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