Travel Diaries: Mexico 2017

Day 2: Short and Sweet

I awoke on my first full day in Mexico feeling invigorated and ready to start my adventure. I’m greeted in the kitchen with bold Mexican coffee curtsey of my father, and am instantly sent of a caffeine kick that will last a few hours. The weather was perfect and I was ready to start exploring.


We start by planning our day which starts with visiting the vendors near Centro in Puerto Vallarta. I learn that these people come from all over Mexico to sell their handmade products and goods in makeshift markets they set up. We arrived just in time, as they would be leaving for their next destination the following day.


Unfortunately, I did not take many photos this day as I was mostly concerned with getting cool souvenirs for my friends back in Canada.


However, I did have a photo taken of me eating a delicious pastry filled with Nutella. The running theme of this trip seemed to be “Foreigner Eats North American Foods While in Mexico”, but I don’t mind because it was amazingly life-changing.


Later that day my father had to attend a funeral, so naturally I took a nap then FaceTimed my boyfriend. The funeral lasted longer than expected so I spent the remainder of my time watching the Korean Drama “Boys Over Flowers”, and eating jaka (jackfruit).


When he returned, we decided to make Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus water). It is my favourite drink as it is tart and sweet at the same time, and of course it’s pink so what’s not to love?


Despite it being a relatively uneventful day, I still enjoyed the sounds of rain against the palm trees that night.