Product Review: LUSH Kinky Hot Oil Treatment

I boiled my kettle and added in hot water according to the package instructions. It was very straightforward as you just keep adding hot water until the product melts.

PRO TIP: place the treatment in a microwave safe cup with water and heat it for 30 seconds. It works way faster this way.

I applied it to my hair from root-to-tip, scooping the product with my hands, and finger-combing it through my curls. I found this to be the easiest method of application. It smells amazing and didn’t make a mess when applying, as it absorbed quickly into my hair.

I then placed my hair in a top knot and watched tv until 20 minutes had gone by.
by this time my hair was somewhat hard with the product, but quickly melted in the shower. I only washed the roots of my hair in order to keep the product benefits at a maximum. I then applied a small dollop of conditioner to lock in the product, and that was it.

It was so fun to apply and the end result was amazing. Days later my hair was still super soft, and frizz-free. I love how it defined my curls without weighing them down.
An added benefit is that after using it, it takes way less product to style my hair!

Overall, this is now a staple in my hair-care regime.